Welcome to my website

Artist's  Statement

I have always been creative and passionate about art but formal training in fine art came late in life to me.After 34 years of career in NHS as a paediatrician I completed BA in Fine Art in Wimbledon College of Arts in 2011.

I have travelled extensively, which has influenced my work.I have always been awed  by landscape and the diversity of  people within the landscape.I love to experiment with the language of colours  and their relationship with light and form. My fascination with unmodulated colours originates from my home land,India.

I admire great Masters like Carvaggio,Turner,Holbein and Whistler.My work is influenced by artists such as Kandinsky, Renoir, Anish Kapoor, Peter Doig.

Take a look at  my portfolio for a sample of my work. I take commissions for any kind of work to suit your style or motif.If you have any questions, please contact me.


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